Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Smart Compose will destroy your brain

Luckily, in Google Docs, it is possible to turn off "Smart Compose". 

Go to "Tools"->"Preferences".

The fact that Googlers considered this tool to be useful ... well, that indicates a great deal about the current state of creativity within the company.

When you are expressing an idea, while looking at the words you type, you do not need a computer to suggest phrases based on ideas expressed by other people. It completely fights against your train of thought. This is already having a normalizing effect on originality in searches on Google. But to mess with people's minds while they are writing is unbelievably terrible.

This tool will turn you into a normalized, clich√©-spouting, path-dependent robot. 

If people use this, even for the construction of corporate memos, their language faculty will atrophy. Their ability to express original ideas will be reduced, and original ideas themselves will ultimately be repressed.

Google, get rid of this "feature".

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